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July 2010
Sure get plenty of bang for your buck, only roaster i've seen even close to this price that doesn't need assembly. -- Graeme

March 2010
Summary is I don't know how I lived so long with out this Behmor roaster… does a darn good job. -- Nathan

March 2010
Amazed at how well the behmor roasts, given it's price point against a lot of other roasting machines. -- Brendan

Feb 2010

I have enjoyed every single roast that I have completed on my Behmor so far. -- Brett

Jan 2010

Roast looks and smells amazing! -- Travis
With the revolutionary low smoke Behmor 1600 roaster you can now roast fresh coffee at home exactly how you like it and whenever you need it.
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Behmor 1600
Roast your own Coffee
To suit your own taste
- Watch the Roast Progress with the Internal Light
- Easy to Use
- Large Capacity - 100g - 450g per Batch
- Original Smoke Removal/ Air Filtration System
- Very Compact Size - 45cm X 25cm X 30cm
- Easily Selectable Roast Profiles
- Internal Chaff Catcher
- The Roasting Times are Adjustable

...and a Great Price!